TiE Midwest Dinner Series

Medium: Ink on paper
Event: Charter Member Dinner Series

TiE Midwest Keynote: Timing Your Exit
Setting: Dinner discussion featuring Jai Shekawat, CEO and Co-founder of Fieldglass, and Robert Zieserl, MS, Chairman and CEO at Vital Sensors discuss co-founder exit strategies.

TiE Midwest Discussion: When the Founder is Not the CEO
Setting: Dinner discussion featuring Gian Fulgoni, executive chairman and co-founder of comScore, Inc., Dan Malven, Founder & VP, Business Development at Analyte Health,  and Sridhar Murthy, President and Chief Executive Officer at Analyte Health discuss various business models when the founder steps away from the role of CEO in order to allow the organization to grow.

TiE Midwest Discussion: How to Promote Entrepreneurship
Setting: TiE Midwest, an entrepreneur’s member association, discuss the various ways Charter Members can promote entrepreneurship in the Chicago scene.