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Just Be Free Music Video

I have always wanted to make a video. I’ve talked about it for years with different friends but nothing ever picked up steam. Until Samwell came into my life. What what?!

 It took six months of planning during which time I convinced a team of rag-tag creatives to commit to my passion for this project. We then scraped together a budget and sponsorship through some very creative problem solving. The result of our endeavor was this wonderfully irreverent video. I love the message of the song and the positivity Samwell exudes in his song lyrics and cheeky performance.

Click here to see the music video Just Be Free by Samwell.

Rag-Tag Creatives are:
Lucy Wieczorek, director, video editor, co-writer, co-producer
Sunny BenBelkacem, co-producer, co-writer, project manager, graphic designer
Samwell Norman, star and co-producer
Gina Lira, hair and makeup, creative consultant
Tiffany Tucker, wardrobe stylist , creative consultant(link to )
Lynette Schwanger, camera and video, creative consultant
Sandra Castro, production assistant, project manager, creative consultant
Barbara Kalicki, production assistant, project manager, creative consultant