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Like the Egyptian scribes, a scribe uses icons, typography and keen listening skills to distill your words and ideas into a graphic recording of your conversation. Consider it a way more innovative way to share with others post conversation. See scribing work.

What is a scribe?
Scribe (my definition, at any rate): English, verb.
1. One who illustrates content of a presentation, panel discussion, brainstorming session, meeting, conversation or simply two people engaged in discussion to create a visual artifact to be shared to engage people to discuss, review and evolve the discussion during and after the event. See visual definition.

Synonyms: graphic recording, visual or graphic facilitation or content visualization, communication art, illustration, scribbling, doodling, sketching, drawing.


My approach to illustration is very clean and direct: black outlines on white background, with red as an accent. My style is whimsical and charming, intricately powerful in it simplicity. See illustration work.

Graphic Design

My approach to design is clean, simple; less is more with touches of classic and modern. I’m a trend watcher, obsessed with reading between the lines, using color to evoke emotion and how spatial relation creates a mood. Let’s show, not tell. See graphic design work.


As a writer, I have acquired incredibly fast typing skills. In all my work, listening is a critical component required to understand what the speaker is really saying. I have developed various methods of capturing business meeting conversations that aid your team, post-meeting, to manage and deploy projects and initiatives. Learn more about documentation in FAQs.

Passion Projects

You know how you get a great idea and you think, i should totally do that! And despite work, obligations and the demands of life, you work at it in your free time because you *just know* it will cool? Those are passion projects. Mine range from making videos (with a little help from my friends) to stickers to posters to personalized cards to a screenplay. My passion for creating is limitless. See Passion project work.